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So Who is ShareOne Media?

We take web design and development serious (but we also like to have fun). As an experienced team of web designers, SEO geeks, and Social Media specialists we love working together to deliver solutions that help empower our clients as well as empower the people and causes we’re passionate about.

Why Did We Start ShareOne?

Affordable Web Design

The cost of custom web design was insane and we wanted to fix that.

Giving It Away

We wanted to give in meaningful ways to our community and great causes around the globe.

The Awesome ShareOne Team

Mike Womble

President / Creative Director

Jeremy Hardy

Graphic Designer

Corey Bullock

Designer, Videographer, and Social Media Expert


Comforter, shedder, and paws4people Breeder Ambassador

So why is HARLOW’s name in all caps?

Pretty simple really- pawsforpeople has so many dogs in service that they wanted to distinguish them from their handlers.  So all the dog names are in caps and their handlers are only have their first letter in caps.  To see some of the teams at paws4people click below.

How we Share…

Equipping veterans, children, and others with incredible assistance dogs (like HARLOW).

Receiving a gift is difficult for some folks, so we do it quietly with no fanfare, but just becuase it’s the right thing to do.

Empowering children in Haiti with the opportunity of education and leadership development.

Leading churches and other organzations to love and care for the homeless and communities facing poverty.

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